We chart pathways of learning in and outside the classrooms to help you develop
adequate skills for effective community participation.

We take pride in assisting young people from more than 30 countries find the education that best suits their needs and circumstances…

Citizenship and Immigration Canada require foreign students studying in Canada to have a legal guardian if they are under the age of 18…

Research has proven that learning opportunities for young people outside the classrooms are just as important and beneficial…

Africa offers great opportunities for people looking for fulfilling volunteer opportunities in schools and in the wider communities…

Our Process

  • 1. Contact

    Reach us concerning your request and lets get the conversation going.

  • 2. Registration

    Use our registration page to register for any of our services.

  • 3. Consulting

    Your registration is received and our experts contact you, and get to work on your request.

  • 4. Enrollment

    You get enrolled for an awesome and life changing time of learning, adventure & experience.

  • 5. Participation

    You then participate effectively in your community after an awesome and life changing time of learning, adventure & experience

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